RÖHM GmbH, г. 89567 Sontheim, Heinrich-Röhm-Str. 50
тел.: +497325160
e-mail: info@roehm.biz

Founded in 1909, RÖHM GmbH is headquartered in Sontheim an der Brenz/Germany with further facilities in Dillingen and St. Georgen. The company is one of the world’s leading clamping tool manufacturers, providing an extensive product offering and in-house, high-performance customized production. Some 1,100 employees manufacture and market workholding equipment around the globe, ranging from drill chucks,tool clamping and gripping technology to high-tech power clamping fixtures. In addition, Röhm also develops and manufactures custom products to customer specifications for virtually all clamping applications. Around 50 percent of the products made in Germany are exported and the company has become a global player, expanding its activities in Latin America, Eastern Europe, and Asia. Röhm has 60 agencies and 15 branches worldwide. The managing directors of the Röhm GmbH Group are Gerhard Glanz and Martin Kaufmann.