Xinjiang Golden Calf Energy IOT Technology Co., Ltd.

X, г. Xinjiang, NO.4 YueBei Road ,Baijiantan District,Karamay,Xinjiang,China ,834000
тел.: 86-0990-6917116

Xinjiang Golden Calf Energy IOT Technology Co., Ltd. (the Company) established in January 25, 2011 with a registered capital of 30.2 million RMB. The Company is a National High-tech Enterprise in China, enterprise of demonstration for integration of information technology and industrialization, a software enterprise and one of the Top 100 Growth Enterprises in Xinjiang, one of the 15 major enterprises of scientific and technological innovation supported by Karamay Municipal Government, one of Top 10 Star Enterprises in Baijiantan District, and an enterprise with advancement in scientific and technological progress named by Baijiantan District for four consecutive years. The company successfully listed in Apri l 6, 2016, stock code: 836663.