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Kazzinc continues entering into major contracts with domestic companies

Pursuant to the strategy of continuous development of partnership with Kazakhstani companies, Kazzinc agreed to cooperate with local suppliers of goods and services.

Kazakhstan Industry Week is the main industrial platform in the country, which facilitates industrial and innovative development and strengthens trade relations. The main goals of the event are advancing technological development and increasing the competitiveness of Kazakhstani enterprises, as well as expanding cooperation with regional and international partners.

– "During the event Kazzinc signed a 350 million tenge off-take contract with ROGR Electronics LLP, a domestic manufacturer specializing in producing equipment and software for managing and supporting mining production," noted Tatyana Ivanova, head of Kazzinc's Subsoil Use Department. – The off-take contract involves implementation, service and technical support of automated drilling control systems, fleet positioning, movement control and fuel and lubricant accounting systems. This is a big step forward, allowing to actively develop not only the domestic mining and metallurgical sector, but also the digital sphere.

During the event, special B2B-platforms were organized for the participants, where business representatives discussed business cooperation.

Within the framework of the company's own Small and Medium Business Development Program, Kazzinc has held meetings with a great number of Kazakhstani companies to develop partnership relations this year alone. These companies include Dias Sewing Factory, Pavlodar Pipe Rolling Plant, Kelet JSC, First Metalware Company LLP, Ultrastab-Kazakhstan LLP, and FGP Suppliers Group LLP. Cooperation agreements have already been reached with many organizations.