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IX Forum of Machine Builders of Kazakhstan was announced in the Union

Moderator - Makanov E.K., Deputy Chairman of the Board of the Union.
The issues of the upcoming Exhibition on mechanical engineering and metalworking "Kazakhstan Machinery Fair 2021", which will be held within the framework of the IX Forum of Machine Builders of Kazakhstan, were discussed on the agenda.
Makanov E.K. noted the importance of this event for all machine builders.
P.I. Beklemishev emphasized that the Forum is the only event for such a large and important industry for the country, where machine builders can not only talk about current problems, but also be heard by representatives of state bodies.
He also recalled that the International Specialized Exhibition on Mechanical Engineering and Metalworking "Kazakhstan Machinery Fair 2021" will be held within the framework of the Forum.
During the meeting, Makanov E.K. noted that within the framework of the Forum it is planned to hold the republican championship "WorldSkills" (in the professions of welding technologies and turning on CNC machines).
Further, the executive director of the exhibition company Astana Expo KS LLP Kanapyanov Kuanysh told about the preparations for the Exhibition. He recalled that for participation in the Exhibition, you can contact the number +7 701 532 91 90 or email address: nt@astana-expo.com
The participants of the meeting exchanged views and proposals on holding the Forum and Exhibition, and also noted the need to intensify work in this direction in the regions.
The Union of Machine Builders of Kazakhstan thanks the participants for the productive working atmosphere.